What Makes These Cats So Unique Is Entirely Awesome And Incredibly Beautiful

Growing up, I always wanted to wear purple contacts. For some reason, I wasn't happy with my color-morphing hazel eyes. Nowadays, I appreciate that they're sometimes green, other times they take a grayish hue, and some days they're something entirely new.

Yes, I love my eyes, but they don't hold a candle to these incredible cat eyes. All of the furry felines below share a genetic mutation in common called heterochromia. There are three different kinds -- but the most striking is sectoral heterochromia, where part of your eye's iris is a different color from the rest of it..

The result is absolutely breathtaking.

This cat has sectoral heterochromia in both eyes.

Loki here has what's called central heterochromia, where the different color spikes from the pupil. It's less noticeable here, but the blue is darker in the center.

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Complete heterochromia is where one eye is just a different color from the other.

Flickr / Hendrik Wieduwilt

But cats definitely aren't the only ones who have it...dogs do, too!

And humans get in on the action as well.

(via Love Meow)

I wonder if they have heterochromia-inspired contact lenses? Either way, this trait is pretty incredible to witness!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/sectoral-heterochromia/

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