Meet Ingo And Poldi, The Greatest And Most Adorable Interspecies Friends

They say it's a dog eat dog world when competition is fierce, but when you stop to consider that statement, it makes absolutely no sense. Dogs, after all, are some of the friendliest creatures around.

They don't care if you look weird or smell funny (that might actually be a bonus), they just want to be your friend. And that goes for other animals, too.

If you don't believe me, just say hello to Ingo. He's proving that interspecies friendships are some of the strongest and cutest ones out there.

Meet Ingo. He's a Belgian shepherd...and is quite possibly the friendliest dog on Earth.

He's pretty normal in all dog aspects -- ball fetching, nap taking, etc.

There's just often an unlikely friend tagging along during these activities.

That's Poldi. After Ingo's owner Tanja Brandt took in the baby owlet, the cute pooch and the bird formed an unlikely friendship.

Ingo and Poldi are pretty much inseparable.

They spend every waking minute together, from sunrise to sunset.

Ingo doesn't care what his doggy pals have to say about his BFF Poldi, because he knows that haters gonna hate.

These two are the very definition of #squadgoals.

Quickly noticing the bond between the pair, Brandt has made them the stars of her latest photography project.

If you look up friendship in the dictionary, you'll find this adorable picture of Ingo and Poldi.

I mean, but seriously. So cute!

Stop what you're doing and someone please tell me where I can find an animal friendship like that of Ingo and Poldi.

If you'd like to follow along with all their adorable adventures, you can do so on Instagram or Facebook!

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