He Was Out Metal Detecting With Dad — What They Found Is A Piece Of History

When I was a kid, I was amazed by what my uncle dug up while using his metal detector.

In glass cases around his house, he kept hundreds of treasures. From old coins to Civil War bullets, it seemed like he had it all. Amazing as his finds were, however, what this boy in Denmark just came across while metal detecting with his father is on another level.

Fourteen-year-old Daniel Kristiansen was out with his dad, Klaus, when his metal detector indicated that something was hiding just beneath the surface. He was doing research for a school project and what he and Klaus dug up has attracted global attention.

The objects behind Daniel in the image above are actually parts of a World War II German Messerschmitt aircraft. What's shocking, however, is that the pilot's remains and personal effects were found inside.

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When Klaus was a boy, he recalled a story his grandfather told that he believed to be just a tall tale before finding the craft. He told him that a plane had crashed at the current dig site in 1944 and that German occupying forces had gotten rid of it. Apparently, it was buried.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/wwii-plane-found/

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