This Man Was In Desperate Need Of A Kidney, But Never Let That Slow Him Down.

A few years ago, Kevin Campbell was diagnosed with a kidney disease which left him with only 4% use of the vital organs. The slow, progressive disease required him to have extensive, and painful, dialysis sessions.

But what he really needed was a kidney. Despite being placed on a long waiting list, the Canada-native summoned incredible strength to not only tell his story but achieve something perfectly healthy people struggle with.

Kevin spent four days a week hooked up to a dialysis machine filtering his blood. The painful process is physically and emotionally draining.

Melissa Renwick Photography

But that didn't stop him from completing the grueling Tough Mudder obstacle event.

Melissa Renwick Photography

His daughter cheered him on from the sidelines as he made his way through the 12-mile military style challenges.

Melissa Renwick Photography

Even after collapsing at one point, he made it to the finish line to become the first person on dialysis to complete the event.

Melissa Renwick Photography

Here he is hugging Shelley Hunt, co-founder of Because I Can Project, at the finish line.

Melissa Renwick Photography

...and then immediately returned to the hospital for more dialysis.

Melissa Renwick Photography

The excruciating pain never gets any easier.

Melissa Renwick Photography

A year later with his daughter, Kevin was still on a waiting list along with over 4,500 Canadians hoping for a transplant.

Melissa Renwick Photography

He was forced to move away from his daughter in order to be closer to the hospital for his treatment.

Melissa Renwick Photography

And then this man changed everything: Darin Grunberg became a hero after reading about Kevin on social media and flying across the country to donate his kidney.

Melissa Renwick Photography

Darrin and Kevin had never met before the selfless act of kindness that gave him back his life.

Melissa Renwick Photography

Following the surgery, he was able to travel and reunite with his daughter for an emotional surprise visit.

Melissa Renwick Photography

Six months later, Kevin met up with Darin again and gave the life saving man a big hug.

Melissa Renwick Photography

This video captures the emotional journey he underwent while participating in the Tough Mudder event:

Canada has one of the lowest ranking donation rates for a developing country, each year having an average of only 13 donors per one million people. Because I Can hopes to shed light on this and bring help to those who desperately need it.

You can find more information about the project and how you can help on their website.

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