This Is Undeniable Proof That People Are Still Good. And It Has To Do With A Lost Bunny.

Photographer Zoe Stewart's daughter Ruby lost her most treasured possession while on a family trip to London: her stuffed bunny, Mr. Rabbit. Ever since she lost Mr. Rabbit, Ruby has been crying herself to sleep. She and her family live in Edinburgh, so her mom posted online begging for the internet's help. Let's find Mr. Rabbit!

Mr. Rabbit was a present to Ruby from her granny when she was only one day old.

Zoe believes Mr. Rabbit was last seen somewhere between Oxford Street and Dulwich in London.

Ruby has grown up with her beloved Mr. Rabbit and is devastated without him.

Luckily, she has a mother who is stopping at nothing to find her bunny.

Zoe posted to her Facebook page, pleading with the Internet to help her track down the rabbit.

A UK news anchor by the name of Kirstie Allsopp was moved by Ruby’s predicament and shared her story. Now, thousands of people are looking for Mr. Rabbit!

The Stewarts had a spare Mr. Rabbit at home (they even washed it every time the other Mr. Rabbit was washed). They brought him out for Ruby, but the little girl KNEW it was a fake.

So the search remains on!

Ruby has been everywhere...

And has seen everything...

With Mr. Rabbit at her side.

Let's help Ruby find her best friend again.

So if you live in London, keep an eye out for this furry little guy.

Because his best friend is lost without him!

If you have any information regarding Mr. Rabbit's whereabouts, please contact Zoe HERE or HERE. Source Share this on Facebook. Help Zoe find Mr. Rabbit.

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