Try Making 25 Halloween Foods That Will Make Your Party Extra Spooky.

If you want your Halloween party to be as spooky as it can be, you need to serve some of these foods. Watermelon skulls, brain jello shots, zombie dog cakes, and other ghoulishly good treats will delight any Halloween fiend. You've got to see some of these scary-good ideas to believe them. I always used to think Halloween was just about candy; now I know that it's about so much more. Take a look!  

1.) Witch Finger Cookies

2.) Jello Worms On Chocolate Donut Crumbs

3.) Watermelon Skulls

4.) Zombie Graveyard Cake

5.) Zombie Cake

6.) Zombie Dog Cake

7.) Spider Skull Cake

8.) Band-Aid Cookies

9.) Owl Cookies

10.) Cheese Witch Fingers

11.) Scarily Jaunty Skull Cake

12.) Eyeball Stew Cake

13.) Intestine Cake

14.) Candy Apple Ghosts

15.) Spider Eggs

16.) Frankenstein's Monster Cake

17.) Zombie Hot Dogs

18.) Brain Jello Shots

19.) Snake Cake

20.) Guacamole Barfing Pumpkin

21.) BBQ Human Body

22.) Gravestone Cookies

23.) Brain Butcher Cake

(via Flavorwire, BoredPanda)

Wow. Those are some scary treats! And if you really wanted to scare your guests, don't offer them any food at all.

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