Here Are 24 Photos From The Past That Prove It Was Absolutely INSANE. #3 Is Just… OMG.

Modern advancements in medicine and technology has resulted in more educated people throughout the world. It doesn't mean that everyone is qualified to be a doctor, but in a country like the United States, many people at least have common sense. Throughout history, humans have always had a thirst for knowledge. We have attempted to find solutions to our problems since we began walking upright. However, there were times when our efforts were there, but the science and technology could not find the answers to the most common problems... So, as a result, these strange and downright creepy items were created. Some were used for medicine, others for torture and even more for social reasons. One fact remains the same: they are terrifying.

1.) An 18th century witch's chair, meant to kill the user via blood loss.

2.) 17th century poison cabinet.

3.) Victorian post-mortem photography stand.

Here, you can see a child's body held up for a photo with one of the stands.

4.) Blood-letting fleams.

5.) 16th century male chastity belt.

6.) Early 1900s carnival side show prop, a mummy head.

7.) Norton motorcycle and its side coffin.

8.) In 1938, the London post office allowed people to send game, as long as no liquids were dripping.

9.) 1800s slave sale advertisement, complete with descriptions.

10.) A prosthetic toe found in the tomb of Tabeketenmut in the necropolis of Thebes.

11.) Early 19th century vampire hunting kid.

12.) Medical bone saws.

13.) Prosthetic left arm, 1850-1910.

14.) Victorian morphine set.

15.) Mary Magdalene in the basilica crypt of St. Maximinin la Saint Baume in France.

16.) Spring-loaded penis in a box, 19th century.

17.) Preserved medical oddities at the Mutter Museum.

18.) 17th century anatomical models.

19.) Old medical poster warning against "cooties."

20.) Vintage freak show performers.

21.) Dr. Louis Auzoux’s paper mache gynecological model from 1880.

22.) Vintage Halloween costume.

23.) A Victorian caged grave, meant to keep the dead from escaping their tomb, in case they were a vampire.

(H/T Ebaumsworld) It seems that almost anything from a certain time period in history is inherently creepy. If time machines were real, you shouldn't use one to go back in time. After all, you might end up chained to a strange torture device or, even worse, wearing a chastity belt. Can you believe these were actually used? Share this creepy list with others!

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