Jeff Bridges Is The Greatest Actor Of Our Time. But Could He Also Be The Greatest Photographer? Yes.

Aside from being an amazing actor, Jeff Bridges is also a pretty damn good photographer. Since he was a kid, Bridges said he always had an interest in photography. Sadly as his acting career took off, Bridges' photo hobby took a back seat. Seeing this, his wife Sharon gave him a camera as a belated wedding gift. From then on Bridges started carrying his camera around again. He even brought it with him on set when he was making films. In 1984 while filming "Starman" Bridges said he got the idea from a costar to make a photo book for the case and crew. Since then, he says, that at the end of every film he works on, he makes the cast and crew a small photo book as a token of appreciation. In 2006 he published a photo book for the public with his favorite pictures. Below is a sampling of some of these amazing behind the scenes photos.

"Tron" (1982)

"Tucker" (1988)

"The Fabulous Baker Boys" (1989)

"The Fisher King" (1991)

"Texasville" (1990)

"Fearless" (1993)

"Blown Away" (1994)

"The Big Lebowski" (1998)

"Arlington Road" (1999)

"K-pax" (2001)

'Seabiscuit' (2003)

"Iron Man" (2008)

"Crazy Heart" (2009)

"TRON: Legacy" (2010)

"True Grit" (2010)

Glorious. Here, have some more Jeff Bridges.

Jeff plays the keyboard.

Jeff implores you to wear Marc O'Polo.

Jeff with his wife Susan have been married for 37 years.

Sexy Jeff Bridges from the late 70's.

The dude rocks.

The dude abides. Share these awesome photos with your friends by clicking below.

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