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26 Keys To Business - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteDuring my consulting days I frequently attended networking functions where I encountered aspiring entrepreneurs looking for ways to start businesses on tight budgets. At the time I attributed the lack of funding to bad business planning or lack of drive. However, my perception surrounding this topic quickly changed, once I started mentoring a graduate from my alma mater. Much like the people I met while networking, Fredrick was young and ambitious with a mind full of ideas and looking to start his own business. The thing I didn't quite realize was the root cause behind so many people wanting to start a business. He graduated from college 3 years ago and was overburdened with student loan debt and was barely making ends meet working an "undesirable job", (as he used to put it) outside of his major. Fredrick essentially viewed entrepreneurship as his ticket out of his current situation. As his mentor I urged him to research ways to raise capital or turn to family and friends for the initial monies he needed. He returned to my office the following week in even worse spirits than the previous week. He told me that his family didn't support his entrepreneurial aspirations and they thought he should keep working at his current job while, continuing to look for something in his field. He went on to tell me how a number of his friends were in similar situations and that no one was willing or able to help. Prior to him departing my office I told him to keep his head up and that I would look into his problem over the next week. After he departed from my office I had an epiphany while looking over a few client files sitting on my desk. I realized that some of the cost... Read more...

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