These Photos May Look Amazing, But They’re Complete Fakes. Don’t Be Fooled!

If there's one thing that there's a lot of on the Internet, it's fake pictures. You can thank Photoshop for that. Most of them have obviously been altered, but some look pretty real. Then, all it takes is a tweet to make it go viral.

That's where we come in. Here are a few viral images you've probably seen circulating around the net that are most definitely fake.

I know I was fooled...

1.) This scary looking Koala is quite fake. They're much cuter than this.

2.) This picture of lightning hitting a tree is fake as fake can be.

3.) While the photo on the left looks really cool, it's actually a composite of two different space shuttle photos.

4.) The world's biggest dog? He is actually just Photoshopped.

5.) How anyone thought this photo was real is beyond me. The original is a picture of a meteor over Oklahoma in 2008.

6.) While it would be cool to see a tornado and lightening happening at the same time, weather just doesn't work like that. This picture is a fake.

7.) No, these are not islands in Greenland, they're photoshopped advertisements for Pfizer.

8.) This photo has been making the rounds on Twitter. Supposedly it's of a New York City artist who held a showing of invisible art. Turns out the art was just Photoshopped out.

Ah, there it is.

9.) This is supposedly a photo of William Harley and Arthur Davidson, the founders of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. It's actually just two people who really like motorcycles.

Here is a real photo of William Harley (right), and Arthur Davidson (left) from 1924.

10.) This photo of cool looking clouds over Mt. Fuji in Japan is most certainly fake. But that hasn't stopped the Internet from continuing to share it around.

11.) This one of the most iconic of fake pictures of recent times.

12.) The Heart River in North Dakota is a real thing, but this image of a heart shaped river is a fake.

13.) This picture of a frozen Venice is actually a combination of a picture of the city and a frozen lake in Siberia.

14.) The story of this bike is that a man tied it to this tree, then went off to World War I and never came home. The story is quite fake, though the bike was abandoned by the tree in 1950s.

15.) Folks tweeting this photo out say that it's allegedly Americans having a picnic on a highway during the 1973 gas crisis, but they're wrong. This picture is actually from The Netherlands after the country created "Car-Free Sundays," during the gas crisis.

Via: Gizmodo

I'm sorry to say that I actually fell for a few of these fakes. (It was the frozen Venice one that got me.) Even though it's fake, it's such a beautiful photograph. Did you believe that any of these were real?

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