Incredibly Creative Photographer Finds A Way To Make Our World Look Alien.

New technology that's being developed every day allows artists to continually think outside of the box. New options for expression are being created for them to use. Take, for example, infrared photography. The range of color in the infrared spectrum is different from what we see (the visible spectrum). Thanks to some lenses and camera technology, photographers can "see" what is in the infrared range... and create some simply stunning pictures. The resulting photographs of Earth look like alien planets. A German self-taught photographer, Christian Kern, delights in taking infrared photos. His work is just stunning.

In infrared photography, the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light.

This causes the photos to see only the infrared range of color.

The result? A stunning, almost-alien, picture.

Christian was inspired by other photos he saw online.

He fell in the style and was determined to teach himself.

In his first attempts, he used a Hoya R72 filter in front of a Nikon D70.

Most of his photos focus on trees and dark skies...

But some of the most stunning images involve long expanses of fields as well.

It seems almost impossible that this is Earth.

What a beautiful new style.

According to Christian, this self-taught infrared photographer: "I started my infrared photography after I saw an infrared lonely tree on deviantART. It was such a wonderful, magical image and I didn't know what it was or how to create such amazing photography so I searched on Google and found some tutorials and tips." (Christian Kern via Faith Is Torment) To view more of Christian's incredible work, visit his DeviantArt page. Also, click below to share his striking photography with others.

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