Don’t Be Afraid To Fly… Some Of The Most Beautiful Things Happen Up There!

Aerial photography is one of the most beautiful and unique forms of art out there. Since humans are land-based creatures, it gives us the extraordinary opportunity to see things from a completely new perspective. (And we have been doing it for over 100 years now!)

Don't believe me? Well here are 25 amazingly beautiful examples of aerial photography to prove my point. You'll have to hold your breath when you see these. They're beautiful, but intense.

1.) Flying over the English countryside.

2.) Over an Italian beach.

3.) Warsaw, Poland on a foggy day.

4.) Madison, Wisconsin.

5.) Millions of used tires.

6.) Cario in Egypt.

7.) Cape Town, South Africa.

8.) Shanghai, China.

9.) Catching a whale swimming off the coast of Argentina.

10.) Beautiful crops.

11.) Mexico City.

12.) A busy bus depot.

13.) The winding road.

14.) The space shuttle Endeavor taking off.

15.) Blossoming trees.

16.) A strangely colorful container yard.

17.) Looking down on a rainbow.

18.) Funny to see such a green golf course in the middle of the desert.

19.) Boats all gathered around a dock.

20.) High density, desert housing.

21.) A war plane grave yard.

22.) Central Park in New York City.

23.) Mt. Agung, Bali, Indonesia.

24.) Paris, France.

25.) Grazing sheep.

(Via: Life Buzz)

Amazing, right? You might want to get a window seat for your next flight. Afraid of flying? Get the guidance, knowledge and support you need from this helpful website. Don't miss out on the world just because you're nervous!

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